Thursday, September 17, 2009

City of the Future : Century City

City of the Future : Century City
What do you invision the city of the fture will offer residents??

The city of the future will look something like this....... (maybe)

Washington DC Monorail Washington DC, the eighth-largest metropolitan area in the country, center of all three branches of the US federal government and home of many national monuments, museums, banks, embassies, unions and professional associations. Yet for all it’s political prowess Washington DC suffers from severe traffic congestion. The Washington Metropolitan Area is often cited as having some of the nation's worst traffic and congestion. In 2007, Washington tied for having the worst traffic in the country after Los Angeles.

In an effort to ease traffic congestion, the Washington DC monorail will carry tens of thousands of tourists and commuters throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. Cruising at a top speed of 40 mph the Washington DC monorail will whisk tourists and commuters into many areas of the District including Great Falls Park, Old Town Alexandria, Georgetown, Penn Quarter, the National Cathedral, DuPont Circle, Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens, Glen Echo Park, Adams Morgan, the National Zoo and the National Mall.

Along Memorial Route the Washington DC Monorail will transport tourists to many of Washington's most popular tourist locations such as the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, The National Mall, the Capitol Building, Union Station, National Archives, National Arboretum, National Museum of Natural History, National Air & Space Museum, the National Museum of American History, Bureau of Engraving & Printing, Discovery Theater, Washington Monument, and Wolf Trap Farm Park.


  1. I live in Washington and Washington already has a metro system that they are expanding. There would be no need for a monorail. Also, there are several regulations in the city that limit the height of buildings. No buildings in DC are allowed to be taller than the Washington Monument so these pictures are very unrealistic and the city will never look like this.

  2. Counting up from the bottom...

    The second picture from the bottom clearly shows the Burj Dubai tower in the middle. I sure hope that the implication isn't that the United States will eventually be run from there...

    The third picture from the bottom is a screenshot from the game "SimCity Societies".

    The fourth picture from the bottom is a piece of concept art for the planet Alderaan.

    As the previous poster pointed out, no building in Washington D.C. may be taller than the Washington Monument, and that's not likely to change anytime soon. Of all the pictures on this page, only three of them could possibly show a potential Washington D.C. of the future.

  3. contrary to beliefs, there are no hight regulations in washington dc.