Friday, September 18, 2009

car in the future

Simply Cars don’t look the same! With new designs and even newer technologies coming out, who’s to say that your car in the future will look like your car does now? One look at this Aptera 2e, or the new CR-Z, Mini or Smart cars, and you come to discover that with green technology comes green design – and it’s very different.

Remember waaaay back when your car came with 4 doors and an old noisy engine? Okay, so your car probably currently comes with those features, but don’t be surprised if you’re mockingly uttering these very words 30 years from this point (assuming you haven’t been killed by driving the above car into an F-350).

So will humanity embrace change from the old designs of oil, or will the electric car go the same way as the flying car? As always, you are free to leave a comment and discuss the topic.

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  1. I think in my view that future cars would be totally electric powered but i can't say for sure about the source from which they will be getting the electricity. Thanks for sharing these designs with us.