Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ferrari factory dreams

The word Ferrari itself requires no introduction. Well, if you're a real fanatic about Ferrari, then hold your breath and read on.

Italy as most of us know is a place known for its exotic locales and historical importance. But what very few know about is the Ferrari factory that Italy is home to. A trip to Ferrari factory in Italy would definitely be a dream come true for anybody who is crazy for the inimitable Ferrari.
If you've been to trip to Italy and felt that the three hour trip between Florence and Venice has nothing very interesting that would draw attention, then you've missed something truly interesting in an otherwise uninteresting place - The Ferrari factory. Located in Maranello, this factory is a truly glorious feast for travelers who have a passion for the world's most famous car.

Maranello can in fact be portrayed as the Ferrari town. Wherever you look in the town, the sight of Ferrari flags streaming in the wind cannot be ignored. You will find the Ferrari horse stickers pasted on every store, bar, and restaurant windows.

Even though public tours are not offered, a few privileged people are given the chance to witness the construction of this magnificent creation from raw car to a complete product followed by testing. But in case, you are a proud owner of this classic car, you are offered a free entry to the elating Ferrari factory tour. Just call your Ferrari dealer and he will be at your service to set up a visit to the factory.

A trip to Ferrari factory, also take you through the public museum, Galleria Ferrari. The museum exhibits the most iconic sports and racing cars in addition to the trophies.

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