Friday, July 9, 2010

Moscow - Interior design exhibition

Interior design exhibition in Moscow. Interior design is all about style, quality and personal preferences; but finding an inspired 'look and feel' to suit a client's brief, and delivering precisely what a client wants even when they can't describe it themselves is never easy. Interior design is a complicated profession. It is sometimes referred to as interior architecture and often confused with interior decorating. It involves the design, organization and planning of an interior structure rather than just refinishing and furnishing existing interior spaces. It involves managing a business, hopefully meeting the desires of the client and delivering to them an interior environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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There is a lot more to interior design than first meets the eye. The further you go back in history, it can be seen how interior design has blended with artistic societies such as during the Italian Renaissance. It has been shaped by numerous styles, movements, social developments and technological revolutions. It has crossed emotional boundaries, traveled across continents and has publicly revealed much of the lifestyles of societies and their artistic cultures in any marked period in time. There are different types of interior design. Residential interior design involves dealing with home owners normally on an available budget. Some interior designers specialize in working on bathrooms, kitchens, living areas or even bedrooms. Others work in the larger and lucrative commercial interior design market. In this marketplace, interior designers are spoiled for choice and may select the retail industry, the hospitality business, the commercial building sector or specialize in related business as diverse as creating exhibits for art galleries and trade shows. Interior Design is an exciting and rapidly growing field and it seems that interest in this particular career is increasing in popularity. Interior designers are licensed design professionals qualified by education, work experience and time. In the 1960s and 70s independent organizations were established to assess qualifications for interior designers and their programs. Interior Design is an expressive form of art. However there is a lot more to this profession than making a household look nice. Interior design is about providing a simple answer to a simple problem in three dimensions by maximizing the good points and concealing the imperfections. It is all about purposely creating a harmonious environment that has the amazing ability to make positive changes in people's lives. There is a lot more to interior design than first meets the eye.

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