Thursday, July 8, 2010

International robot exhibition in Tokyo

The International Robot Exhibition (IREX) was a show designed to provide a place to exhibit robots and related equipments in order to enhance market awareness of new technology. At the same time, the show was a medium to promote new products and to develop new business through contributing the promotion of new technology.
Not a star, nor officials,the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition opening ceremony, a unique robot ribbon-cutting ceremony gave us a splendid opening ceremony. Let us appreciate these robots from the show.
Tiny Wave, an entertainment robot designed and developed by Japan's Robo-One Entertainment, plays with a football.

A man controls Wakamaru, a domestic robot intended to provide help and companionship to the elderly, with a flexible sensor tube.
 Hundreds of robots gathered at the  International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, including a table-tennis-playing robot called Topio (terminator robot).
D+ropop, a robot made of cardboard with metal joints, is displayed at the robot exhibition. The robot's maker expects this environmentally-friendly robot can be used by the entertainment industry.
Pet robot Genibo dances along with music. The intelligent pet robot can recognise its owner and show emotions when it see him or her.

A humanoid robot, KHR-2HV, developed by Japan's robot maker Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd. performs single-handed pushups as an employee controls it.
Humanoid industrial robot Motoman-SDA5D developed by Japan's Yaskawa Electric Corporation demonstrates its capabilities with Lego bricks
 Two Nextage robots, each equipped with 15 actuators and two cameras, collaborate and assemble blocks at the robot expo.
An Actoroid (actor android) receptionist robot developed by Japan's robot maker Kokoro is displayed at the company's booth.
 The head of a humanoid research robot developed by Japan's robot company's Kokoro.
 Members of the press gather around Ropid, an experimental robot developed by Japan's Robot Laboratory.
The "Okonomiyaki Robot" demonstrates its ability to cook Japanese traditional food Okonomiyaki , a savoury pancake, during the international robot exhibition in Tokyo.
 Ropid, 38cm tall and equipped with 25 actuators on its body, can run and jump in the air with voice control.
Paro, a seal robot, reacts as a woman pats it. The seal-like robot behaves like a real animal and is used in patient therapy.
 An employee of UK robot maker Shadow Robot Company demonstrates a data glove called Cyber Glove.

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