Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amazing nail art

Welcome to the exciting world of nail art. Whether you are new to nail art or a pro, everyone can have fun creating unique designs right on their own nails. Using the Migi Nail Art pens, you will be able to create exciting designs that express your individual style and personal character. To start off, it is best to practice on something other than your nails at first until you learn a few easy techniques. You can use fake nails or even paper to start off with and included is a practice sheet at the back of the instruction guide. Before applying the base polish and using the pen tips, shake the bottle well. Doing so will ensure that the polish is mixed properly and is the right consistency. After you have used a pen, you should thoroughly clean the pen tip to ensure it works well for you the next time you use it. To ensure full coverage of nails and to increase the brightness of some colors, we suggest you apply a second layer of base polish. Make sure the base coats have completely dried before starting your designs. In more intricate designs where swirls are used, this technique must be done before the polish dries. As you can see by the many samples displayed in the enclosed instruction guide, designs range from very simple to very intricate. Designs as simple as using dots to create beautiful little shapes to more intricate swirls and patterns forming exotic flowers and colorful works of art.
 nail art

 flower-nail-art 2

 flower-nail-art 1

 white-nail-art 2

  rose-nail-art 1

 white-nail-art 1


 Nail_Art_Fashion 5
 Nail_Art_Fashion 4
 Nail_Art_Fashion 3
 Nail_Art_Fashion 2
 Nail_Art_Fashion 1



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