Sunday, May 9, 2010

Origami designs

You want to start a new creative pursuit, and quickly learn how to fold interesting and entertaining Origami designs, but don't want to spend weeks and months trying to work out how it's all done from the pictures in some confusing book... am I right?
I'm happy to inform you that you need look no further.
 On this page I'm going to show you how you can go from an origami novice to a paper folding guru and be folding all the coolest origami designs, within just hours from reading the words on this page.
Allow me to explain.
“How NOT To Learn Origami”
If you haven't realized already... learning Origami from books or diagrams is pretty freakin TOUGH.

 Origami designs
You're trying to determine which way the picture is facing... you're trying to see how they got that corner of paper over there, and you're madly wondering why the contraption sitting in front of you is looking nothing like what it does in the pretty picture!
Sure, people do it, but getting good at this stuff can take MONTHS. And I know you don't have that kind of time.
Fortunately, and although it's rare... there's another option...
“Your Own Virtual Origami Teacher?”
Imagine instead, you're sitting down with your piece of Origami paper and you're getting ready to create a masterpiece...
Imagine sitting next to you, is a gentle old Japanese lady, an Origami master, sitting in front of her own piece of paper, ready to begin folding and encouraging you to copy her as she folds.
But this is not just any old lady... This lady comes with a remote control!
As she folds, you hit pause and you notice that she stops! You hit play... and she keeps on folding! You miss a step she makes... so you rewind her and she does it again!As she's folding she's explaining all the steps out loud to you in perfect english, guiding you gently through each fold right until the most impressive finished design.
 This Origami Master is at your complete disposal, dedicated to teaching you all the Origami you want to learn!
Origami designs
Origami Design banknotes
Origami Design banknotes

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