Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amazing sculptures of sand

The Sand Sculpture Festival it opens in  England (Weston Super Mare) . Sand artists from across the globe have gathered at the festival to create themes, buildings and landmarks from 360 tonnes of sand representing the seven continents of the world. The festival runs until the end of August.Sand sculpting is an art form, as it requires the individual's creativity and imagination. Like in all other styles of art, the artist must have skill, patience and lots of practice in order to improve his or her work. Eventually, even with the use of simple tools, awesome showpieces will emerge.
Sand sculpting has become increasingly popular, as there are now companies in the United States that will create enormous sand sculptures for corporations and private clients all over the world. There are also many sand sculpting competitions that take place every year, whereby the subject matter goes well beyond the basic sand castle; instead, complex and sophisticated structures are typically attempted and some end up being works of art. In 2007, Ed Jarrett made the record books at Point Sebago Resort in Casco, Maine when he completed his "Castle to the Sun," which was 31.7 feet high.
Amazing sculptures of sand - Castle to the Sun

 Amazing sculptures of sand
sculptures of sand
Amazing sculptures of sand 1
 sculptures of sand 1
Amazing sculptures of sand 2
Amazing sculptures of sand 3

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