Friday, January 22, 2010

What to do when watch glass breaks

As we all know ,watches may have scratches ,cracks ,edges collapse even complete damage when felling to the ground or having collision.Of course ,it can still work with a small crack and scratch, but its image is affected badly. When edges collapse even complete damage accur ,the broken glass must be replaced .Due to severe damage of the glass, the  watch will become non-sealed,which will influence its water resistance. Let us see how the materials of watch glass matter: plastic glass of old-fashioned watches will not burst,while the  glass of mineral watch , especially the  current popular sapphire watch glass are  prone to burst.

 Watch with USB memory

 Watch with USB memory 1


Watch  1

the watch
If the watch has completely burst, moreover the rupture of defective surface is inward (to the table disk), the fragments of glass covere dial .As you can see, the broken Rolex watch in the picture above is a typical case of this .When this happens we must take measures immediately, the measures are as follows:
(1) pull out the crown , stop the watch.
(2) Neither pull the hands out nor put forward the calendar
(3) Watches flat (preferably glass face down),  keep the watch in flat position til you have sent it to the watch repair shops
(4) No severe vibration and shaking in the mean time
(5) Ask the fixman not let the glass debris injure dial and hands in the demolition and repair
By taking the above measures ,we can protect the dial from further harm.You should konw the value of the dial is often greater than the glass, especially for those expensive watches. I have witnessed cases like this:  watch was  still walking when its glass was broken, then the hands accompanied the glass debris scratched the dial and the calendar dial.As a consequence , the glass and dial had to be replaced, which leaded to increased maintenance costs. I hope this won't happen to you ,as it is troublesome and takes a lot .

choose fittings front

apply pressure

 choose fittings back

Rubber ball by hand

Rubber ball in holder

Turn wrench clockwise

Place wrench in notches

watch back hand pressed

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