Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Build a car that runs on water with hybrid water

The kits are known by many names hho devices, hydrogen fuel injection system, hho generators, water fuel cells, hydrogen fuel cells. Whatever you call them, the more fundamental question is which one is the best kit to invest in and why? In my evaluation of these kits I used two main criteria: proven results and ongoing support. I've spoken to representatives at several of the companies that make these kits and I invite you to do the same. The one question which always in the back of my mind in talking with them is how do they handle things when something doesnt go well? Can you get ahold of them? Are they responsive? Are they genuinely interested in making sure you are satisfied with the product? To get to a happy place in this sphere, you have to start with someone who is a perfectionist about his craft. Second, you have to have a little bit of attitude because that's often time what drives people to be perfect.


Hybrid truck

Scorpion that runs on water with hybrid water

Car that runs on water with hybrid water

ScorpionNaked that runs on water with hybrid water

I'm happy to say that Punch HHO excels at all of these characteristics. They offer 4 units, 2 for smaller than 5 liter engines and 2 for larger than 5 liter engines. The lower cost units are PVC based and the higher cost units are stainless steel. I recommend the stainless steel units for durability and aesthetics but go with the PVC if you're trying to save a buck (which you might be obviously if you're looking to purchase one of these kits.Additionally, Punch HHO does something no other vendor does today which I think sets them apart. They recommend that you acquire the Water4Gas ebooks to help with your installation--although their kits are easy to install--they think the ebooks are well done and will help you navigate through any unforeseen issues. The kits do come with their own instructions but again, the Water4Gas books provide good background on how all of this technology works. Secondly, Punch HHO points out clearly that if you have a fuel injected engine, you need an EFIE to get the kit to work. You're going to find lots of kits and parts folks out there who are selling kits without pointing this out. Essentially, when you put an HHO kit on a fuel injected engine, it changes the oxygen value upstream from the catalytic converter and cause the system to add more gas to compensate. The EFIE corrects this and enables you to achieve the full benefits of the HHO.

Hybrid water power

Run your car on water and gas

water gas car

We're always looking for better HHO kits but for now, your money is best spent with Punch HHO. If you have something better or want to offer some testimonials (or complaints) for Punch HHO, then get in touch with me ASAP. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to email me at the link in the upper right hand corner of this page.

water powered car

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