Friday, April 17, 2009

Lost 10 lbs in the first week (day 1)

Ok, before I start I need to get this out. This journal is presented for anecdotal information only. This is a journal of my personal Weight Loss and Physical fitness journey. Any information presented here is without guarantees and I assume no liability. That said, if any of the ideas or techniques used here are appealing to you, feel free to try them yourself. I do suggest that you check with you personal physician before beginning any physical fitness program.

The Journey Begins(day 1)

I started on my quest to be in better shape out of necessity, not desire. Last week I made the decision to re-enlist in the National Guard. Only one problem, I was 35 pounds overweight and 6% above my allowable body fat. I wanted to be able to be processed in by the end of June/beginning of July. I needed to start losing weight and getting back into shape.

I'm not really sure what my before daily calorie count was, I just new I had to drastically reduce my intake and increase the amount I burned each day. My goal was to remain below 1500 calories for the whole month. I began with making reductions in my lunch. I found that McDonalds Side Salad and dressing was only 250 calories with dressing. Add a 4 piece chicken nugget for variety and you are still under 400 calories for lunch. Yes, I did get a Diet Coke with that too. So my first "Diet Lunch" was Under 450 Calories and $3.15 with tax. This wasn't going to be too hard I told myself.

Dinner was the next challenge. If your family is like mine, portion size was never a real concern. So now I brought out the measuring cups and read all the packages and limited myself to one portion of instant mashed potatoes(170 calories. 1/3 cup serving) green beans(20 calories. 1/4 cup) one piece of roast pork (245 calories, 3 oz.) and one crescent roll(110 calories, 1 oz. roll) add 1/4 cup of gravy and the total for dinner was 565 calories. And surprisingly, I wasn't still hungry. I wasn't stuffed either. Later that night I had a 1 serving bowl of Chocolate Ice cream for dessert (120 calories, 1/4 cup) giving me a total for that first day of 1065 calories. So far so good.

Next on the agenda was to get in shape for passing the PT test. The first thing was running. I need to be able to run 2 miles in 18 mins and 18 secs or less. I began with a mile run and have continually added to that. I have tried to make this run twice a day. I will keep going until I can run a full 2 miles without stopping. Then I will focus on speed.

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  1. Thats is awesome i have never thought of it the way you have done it....