Thursday, July 7, 2011

The oldest dogs in the history in Guinness world records


The Oldest Dog in the History Lived Up to the age of 32 years and 12 days."Chilla" A cattle dog was born on 1 march,1952 and died on 1984.This Labrador Australian cattle dog was born in Australia and it is still the oldest dog who lived up to 32 years and has its name on Guinness world records as "The oldest dog".

Second is Born in 7 June 1910 and died in 14 November 1939 holds another world for the oldest dog. “The oldest dog" Bluey lived up to the age of 29 years and 160 days and falls under the breed of Australian cattle dog and this oldest living dog was also from Australia.


Third is Bella who was born in 1984 and died in 6 September 2008 who hailed from United Kingdom is yet another oldest dog who lived for the total of 28 years and 252 days.
The oldest dog - Bella was bought for £70 when she was just 3 years old.


Meet Chanel is 20 years old and was named the oldest dog by Guinness World Records last year, and is capturing the heart of many after her appearance on the Today Show this morning. Check out photos.
Chanel is the world’s oldest dog and a celebrity in her own right. She was born in 1988 and will soon be celebrating her 21st birthday. In dog years that makes her about 147. Her once red hair has turned white, and she needs special doggie glasses for her cataracts. She eats a special diet of boiled chicken, whole wheat pasta, and a special doggie treat for her teeth. She still goes on walks during the summer with her owners, Karl and Denise Shaughnessy, but is carried for most of the way. Long gone are the days where she used to run three miles to keep her figure.

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