Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the U.S. over 13 million people were killed by bears


Many people like to enjoy nature closely, by hiking in backcountry and mountainsides. But when you are in bear country, you should be careful and prepared.


Last year in the U.S. over 13 million people were killed by bears. They were not all escaped from the zoo. Some of them were from the wild.
Wild bears live in a very diverse biosphere. Some bears live in the woods in Alaska.


Some bears live under sinks and between the aluminum siding and the wood on homes.
Some bears even live in glove compartmets.
What all these bears have in common is that they want human flesh. Lots of human flesh.


If you see a bear, stay calm and give it plenty of room. Do not startle it; detour slowly, keeping upwind if you can, so it will get your scent and know you are there. If you can't detour wait until it moves away from your route before proceeding.

When a bear first detects you, it may stand upright and use all of its senses to determine what and where you are. Once it identifies you it may ignore you, move slowly away, run, or it may charge. A wild bear rarely attacks unless it feels threatened or provoked.
On four legs, a bear may show agitation by swaying its head from side to side, making huffing noises and clacking its teeth.
A charge or retreat may follow. Flattened ears and raised hair on the back of the neck indicate aggressive intent. If a bear runs with a stiff, bouncing gait, it may be a false charge.



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