Thursday, July 1, 2010

Motor Show 2010 in Vienna

Motor Show 2010 in Vienna on the 14th at the Vienna International Exhibition Center from 31 automobile manufacturers around the world, about 300 cars participating, many of which model reflects the characteristics of energy-saving environmental protection.

The size of the Vienna Motor Show Frankfurt Motor Show and so far inferior to the world's top auto show, its function is also to open up markets, and promote sales. Therefore, the Vienna Motor Show has been mainly aimed at ordinary consumers, displaying mainly has entered the market or preparing to enter the market in passenger cars practical.
The auto show is a popular energy-saving eco-car for a reason. First, the spread of the global financial crisis and energy shortage on the global automobile market and formed a tremendous impact on the market need for cheap and energy-efficient models. In addition, the cars produce greenhouse gases, while the voice of global greenhouse gas emissions is very high. Therefore, less emissions, energy efficiency and miniaturization are becoming middle and low passenger cars, especially the car's development direction. At this auto show, Volkswagen, Opel and other manufacturers, even offers a 100 kilometers fuel consumption of less than 4 liters per kilometer of carbon dioxide emissions to less than 100 milligrams of "energy-saving clean" cars.
Other manufacturers also introduced energy-saving environmental protection, small and medium sized cars, these models through a more rational design, expand the interior space to achieve a "small but not crowded," well positioned to meet the requirements of many automotive consumers.
Auto show, many automobile manufacturers have been exhibited to the market or to be put on the market of hybrid, electric cars and so on, showing that the new energy vehicle technology is to mature. Some power-driven, highly intelligent auto show concept cars appearance, become the focus of attention.
Vienna Auto Show is held biennially, this year is the fifth. Organizers Auto Show this year is expected to attract 150,000 visitors visitors.

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