Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amazing from nature - vegetables and fruit

What is a natural organic product? These days the answer to that question has become a bit confusing. Although an organic product is "literally" natural, according to regulations on how the food is grown, processed and labeled, the terms, "all-natural" "natural," and "organic" mean three different things. Organic food is obviously the healthiest and purest food for you to eat, but unfortunately many food companies try to fool you by labeling their products with the word(s)natural or all-natural so you think it is as healthy as organic food, when in fact it is not. This images are products of organic nature.

Nature can be really interesting and amazing. I am not saying that natural food is bad for you, it just is not as healthy as certified organic food. You will notice when you go food shopping that most organic food has a label on it that says it is a "certified organic product." Each state has an agency that monitors and certifies organic food growers and producers. The organic farm fields and processing facilities are inspected, and detailed records are kept. Also periodic testing of the soil and water takes place to ensure that strict standards are being met. Natural products differ, however, from organic products in that they are not inspected by an independent organization. Although they are usually healthier than regular processed food, there are no guarantees about the health quality of these products. This is the main concern with many natural products.

 amazing vegetables

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