Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing snake Anaconda, Black Mamba and Ball Python

Snakes are among the animals that we call reptiles. The reptiles include snakes, crocodiles and many other animals. Reptiles are those animals that lived during the dinosaur known and which survive to time and which still exist in the world.Snakes are now endangered because they were 100 years ago was much more than today. They are now in a very small number, and some snakes have disappeared from the planet but are still high and that they are dangerous on the planet for more than 450 thousand years.
What is why Anaconda is so popular in the world. Anaconda is a snake that lives in South America, more specifically in the Amazon River.
Anaconda is a snake

This snake is so popular because it can grow and more than 17 meters. 17 meters, this snake was caught when the people found in the river Amazon to eat an animal. Anaconda was so tired because the animals to swallow could not move. People took advantage of her weakness, so he caught and taken to their camp where they were interrogated after.After a long examination of the large snakes, they were measured, and came to the fact that large an amazing 17 meters and 20 centimeters. When the measure was returned to nature after the event is no longer seen. Maybe is not seen because the Amazon River is very big and it was not easy to find in this huge river. 
Anaconda snake
Amazon River is known today for it and that this large snake lives in the woods and the water close to a river. Anaconda is the biggest snake is not poisonous.
the biggest snake
The biggest poisonous snake that lives today in Africa and its name is Black Mamba. Black Mamba can grow and more than 16 meters and this snake is very dangerous for all people in Africa due to size and due to its strong and dangerous poisons.Today, the Black Mamba rare animals and can be seen only in some parts of Africa such as the state of Senegal, South Africa and Ghana. Rare is because people are much hunted in the past and its number is still very reduced. Not all snakes in the world big. There are snakes that are very small and their length is an incredible 25 cm. There are several such small snake, but only two kinds of snakes live in North America.

 Black Mamba
The biggest poisonous snake Black MambaThird snake by its size, which lives in the world's Ball Python . Anaconda lives in South America and the Ball Python lives in North America. Ball Python now be seen throughout North America and the recent research of snake currently has around 22 thousand.
the biggest snake
 Ball Python snake
 Ball Python
Ball Python

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