Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Waterfall

The basics behind waterfalls are the river comes to a point at the end of the high elevation of land and there is no where else for the water to go other than over the edge of the high point. At the base of the waterfall is layer of very hard rock and beneath that layer is a softer rock, with the pressure of the water coming down over the fall onto the rock it pushes the hard layer down and creates the pool where the water flows into. Over time the waterfall will recede back on itself and this creates what is known as a canyon or a gorge and as time goes by this canyon will get deeper into the underside of the waterfall. There are 10 different classes of waterfall which range from the Class 10 with waterfalls such as Niagara Falls and Khone Falls, Class 9 such as Victoria Falls and down, this classification of the waterfalls is done by the volume of water present on the falls and is a grading system to size the falls.


For many people they assume that the Niagara Falls is the largest of all the waterfalls, however this is not the case, the tallest of all the waterfalls is Angel Falls and this is a whopping 979 metres in height and the Niagara Falls is the worlds most powerful waterfall.
  Beautiful Waterfall 
Waterfalls have fascinated man for centuries and there has been a great deal of study and research gone into finding out more about them and how they came about. For many people though it is enough to marvel at their beauty and a visit to Niagara Falls is the only way you can truly appreciate exactly how powerful and awe inspiring these waterfalls are.
 Niagara Falls - waterfalls
 A fine example of this is the Victoria Falls which has a width of over 1.7km in length and is at a height of 108 metres and this forms the longest single stretch of waterfall anywhere in the world. The Victoria Falls also can be seen from over 25 miles away and is a huge spectacle within this region.
 The Victoria Falls
The waterfalls are always so different and no one is the same as the other and this is what makes them so special. When the falls are accompanied by some of the most spectacular natural forest as well you will find they are a haven for wildlife and inspire peace, quiet and tranquillity.

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