Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sculpture Gallery - Portraits

Portraits of a person of one age can be commissioned that represents the subject at a different age by gleaning images from family albums, yearbooks, print media, and the like.
Not everyone can afford to have his or her own art sculpture. They could always improvise and try to make their own art sculpture. They can do this by making a paper mosaic or similar art pieces. In making these things, there is no right and wrong move. Everyone is entitled to his preference on what he wants to do with his materials. He can even combine one or more art technique to come up with a unique masterpiece that he can be proud. It is not every people get to enjoy this one of a kind experience that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.
See the “Portrait Gallery” ~
Sculpture Gallery - Portraits

Sculpture Gallery - Portraits 1
Sculpture Gallery - Portraits 3
Sculpture 1
Sculpture 2
Sculpture 3
Sculpture 4
Portrait Gallery
Portrait Gallery 1
Portrait Gallery 2
Portrait Gallery 3
Portrait Gallery 4
Portrait Gallery 5
Portrait Gallery 6
Portrait Gallery 7
art sculpture
art sculpture 1
art sculpture 2
art sculpture 3
art sculpture 4
art sculpture 5
art sculpture 6
art sculpture 7
art sculpture 8
art sculpture 9
art sculpture 10
art sculpture 11
art sculpture 12
art sculpture 13
art sculpture 14
art sculpture 15
art sculpture 16
art sculpture 17
art sculpture 18
art sculpture 19

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