Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fashion Green Plastic Bicycle

Fashion and Green Plastic Bicycle
The oil crisis and environmental pollution problems  forced the car industry continue to carry out technological innovation. The bicycle with no exception has joint to the environmental camp. Not like the tradotional bicycle made from steel, the picture showing is a bicycle made from plastic. This plastic is recyclable materials.

This kind of plastic bicycle not only has beautiful appearance, but also comfortable and safety when you riding. This plastic city bicycle use recyclable materials with fashion design.  It is a healthy and green bicycle for independent traveller.
The designer of this bicycle said that it had two independent brakes and three-dimensional lignting equipment. For it’s special plastic structure, this bicycle was combined with many creative fittings, so that it made the body of this bicycle fluently.
Besides you can change the colour of the bicycle base on the bicycle’s main structure, and it’s not expensive.
The designer of this IZZY BIKE are Omer Sagiv and Uri Sadeh.

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