Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gifts For The Coffee Lover

We all drink coffee, well most of us do, so at Christmas or on a birthday, a coffee gift can be an excellent way to show you care. However, beyond buying, well, more coffee, what can we do to make a special coffee gift to a special coffee lover?We will ignore buying specialty coffee here, because that is simply too easy to do, instead we will focus on various other types of coffee gifts there are to give.Customized mugs, which say something along the lines of World's Best Husband, are a good way to give a coffee lover a unique gift. You can usually find a place that will put anything you want on a coffee mug, including a special picture, saying or a goofy graphic. Another option is to make a coffee mug yourself through clay pottery. If you don't know how to do that, paint a special design on a coffee mug using paint pens. This will give the cup much more sentimental meaning. Coffee makers are a pretty standard gift for a coffee lover, but you can go the extra mile and get them one with all the bells and whistles. An even better option is to buy them a coffee maker that doubles as an espresso or cappuccino machine. Once the coffee lover has had a taste of cappuccino from their own machine, they won't be going back to regular coffee.
Gifts For The Coffee Lover

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Specialty creamers are available in every grocery store and, for a relatively cheap price, you can add a Mocha, French Vanilla or Butterscotch flavor to your usually boring coffee. The only problem with this gift is that once you buy it for the coffee lover and they get a taste of it, they are going to want it from then on. Be prepared to foot the bill. Flavored stir sticks are a unique type of way to add a punch to any coffee.
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Recipes can usually be found on the internet and most will dissolve as you stir. If you go healthy, you eliminate the need for sugar in coffee, which as we all know, can be very unhealthy.For the healthy nut, you might look for some of that soybean coffee. Its different than soy milk, and yet it doesn't have the caffeine. Roasted soybeans are used to imitate the flavor of coffee, and the result is often remarkable.The last, and best gift, you can get a coffee lover is a gift card to a coffee shop. This will allow them to buy the coffee they want or the accessories they need. Most coffee shops, especially the larger ones, offer this option.

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