Sunday, February 14, 2010

Datebook February 2010

Crazy! February?!

Outside my window: dark and rainy and mild. Most. Boring. Winter. Ever.

I am hearing: Bill typing. Otherwise silence. Could it be Duncan actually fell asleep?

I am thinking: I need to get my act together.

I am hoping: Duncan stops playing these silly bedtime games.

I am reading: Hahaha... Echo. But I'm going to be ordering Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and a Gregory Maguire book, and something else from Chapters as I have a gift card.

I am creating: A blog? Lots of stuff still in pondering mode. I'm participating in a block of the month exchange with my online quilters group, so I need to get my January block done up and sent off.

I am wearing: pj pants and my black cat pirate t-shirt. Oh, and brown slippers that are falling apart.

In the kitchen: Check out my previous post.

Plans for the week: Well today I was off to see my brother and he sent me home with some stuff to do. I haven't asked for any money for what I'm doing, but I have a feeling it will come back to me in the way of some gorgeous new tile for our kitchen backsplash. Anyhow, so rest of the week, sort that stuff for Jeff, I'd like to lay some groundwork for my blog, keep working out every day. Not massive results on the weight loss, but I already feel better for being more active. MOPS on Wednesday. I believe we have a playdate on Friday from Duncan's friend from school.

A few of my favourite things:  Duncan having play dates. Cordie smiles and laughs. She is such an amazingly happy baby and when she smiles it reaches her eyes and they just sparkle. My kids are remarkable. My husband is too. He went back to work today, but it was nice having that two weeks together.

A picture thought:
Duncan has taken to creating living room wide train tracks. It's awesome.

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