Thursday, December 3, 2009

The worst car, but a good idea.

One of the worst cars in the world came when she appeared and the idea that a car becomes part of the aircraft Ave Mizar.It was a project by a former Northrop engineer in 1973 to develop a flying car, It consisted of a Cessna skymaster rear attached to the Ford Pinto with production scheduled to start in 1974. AVE planed to sell the Mizar for between US $18,300 and US$29,000. A few prototypes were built but the project ground to a halt when the developers of the Mizar were killed when the the wings of the craft broke away from the car mid flight resulting in a fiery crash. This would have to be the first time a Ford Pinto’s explosion was not caused by someone ramming them from behind. The National Transportation Safety Board reported in addition to poor design and loose parts, that bad welds were partly responsible for the crash, a bad idea was naturally assumed. 
the worst cars prototypes

Cessna skymaster  the worst cars prototypes

the worst cars 4 prototypes

the worst cars 2 prototypes

the worst cars 3 prototypes

the worst cars 6 prototypes

the worst cars 5 prototypes

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  1. I think some of those look pretty cool. I wish cars weren't so limited in what is considered "an acceptable design" by society.