Monday, November 23, 2009

nail art worthy of admiration

What is most important for the nail artist is precisely about the power of perception and good detail.First, buy nail art stamp kit. Read and follow the instructions provided in your package to do your nail art stamping. Then select the primary color of hair. It can be any color you want. Paint your nails and wait coat dry nail polish. Apply different color nail polish on your hard disk or plate, or directly to a photo stamper. Your kit will probably come with the colors you can choose to buy or special colors. Scrape excess paint off if you use the drive and press firmly on the stamper disk, so that you have transferred the entire design. Stamper press on nails, transfer the design on nails. Clear coat put nail polish to help design the set. Make sure you use the recommended clear coat nail polish that comes with the kit to prevent your design from smearing. 

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