Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Announce Your Site

PRWEB Press Release Service – I want to mention this first because there is really no better place to announce a new website then PRWEB. You have the potential to get noticed by both online media and offline media sources, and their releases are available for varoius news aggregators as well. Google News, Yahoo News, Topix and Ask to name just a few. Also, after submitting the press release about your site, the release actually gets indexed in search and creates a free advertising space on most of the big search engines. Then you are free to promote the release page to social media sites that appear below.

Classified Marketing Websites On this page you will find some good classified websites for marketing and most of them offer a "announcements" category. Free ads don't always get the response you desire, but some of these offer small fees for enhanced ads. That is the way to go with this type of promotion.

Social Network Grid on Mashable – This is undoubtably the most up to date and complete list of the emerging social networking sites in the Web 2.0 sector. Is there any possibility that anyone has the time to join them all?

Zimbio – This is a free service which I have signed up to which is fantastic in its own right. Add your blog URL to your profile so you can import your articles and post them to any wikizine. Each post will include a link back to your site.

StumbleUpon – This service was bought by eBay recently and is set to keep on growing. Setup a free account and stumble your blog posts, can be a great source of traffic. Don’t forget to stumble other bloggers posts that have links to you, the traffic coming to their site will see links to your site. Open a free account and post a review of your site. Then it will get into the Stumble rotation. They also offer paid ads if you are interested.

I-Newswire – This site has a PR7. Its great also in terms of generating a backlink to your site as well as helping you get indexed faster. is your free press release and news distribution center. They have both a paid and free submission service. You are welcome to submit your press releases or news free of charge.

Blog Explosion – Whether you like to talk about politics, business, your wedding, family or simply enjoy sharing your life experiences on your blog with other people BlogExplosion is a great way to expand the number of people that read your blog!

Buzzer Hut – Claims to be the web’s largest blog submission directory. Submitting to the directory is fast and easy. Its a place on the web where visitors can submit, search, browse, rate or review blogs from all over the world. Visitors can creat a new category or submit their blogs to an existing one.

Blog Burst – With BlogBurst, bloggers gain visibility, audience reach and traffic through placement on major online publishers and media destinations in real time. This one is by invite only, but seems to be quite worth the effort as it is quite professional and seems to be attracting industry professionals as well as small well made blogs.

eBlogzilla – This is a PR4 site. Blog directory that requires a reciprocal link which is easy to set up if you already have the "link exchange" wordpress plugin set up.

Digg – This one is so obvious, that it has to be added only for the sake of completeness (and for people that have yet to put 2 and 2 together). PR8 (or is it 9) sites have insane amounts of traffic. Have you written a great article, digg it. If you hit the Digg homepageThere are blogs out there which have gone offline because of the sheer numbers generated by traffic.

Netscape - Another one. Even better because its PR9. One of the oldest sites on the web. Furthermore, its easier to hit the front page of Netscape than it is to hit the front page of Digg. Also, it doesnt matter if you don’t hit the front page.

BlogHub – An online directory and community where members from around the world can gather and exchange ideas. You can add your blog or create a blog.

Blog Flux – Blog Flux was created as the spiritual successor to the Eatonweb Portal. The Portal, in its heyday, had been the best blog directory – lots of information, and a whole lot of user reviews.

Free Press Release – A digg type site…but still….Ever thought of writing a press release?

Blog Dirs – Search in the blog directory for any blog you want to find or add your own blog.

BlogdUp – A free blog directory categorized by country.

Super Blog Directory – A nice free blog directory.

Craigslist – This is the king of classifieds, there is bound to be a category for your type of blog, run an ad and see if people come, regardless if they do it was free. I know a lot of major affiliate earners that spend hours just spamming craigs not just for traffic leads, but also for direct sales.

PR Leap – A good one to try. Basic service is free and has successfully increased the search visibility of more than 24,000 organizations worldwide as of October 2006.

Blogadr – Human edited personal and company weblog directory. No back link required.

Go Articles – Another free article site. Write articles targeting your topic and drive traffic through their marketing efforts.

Blog Catalog – Blog Catalog is the premiere social blog directory on the internet. Whether you’re looking to promote your own blog or find blogs on various topics, this site is for you.

Blog TopList – This is a blog directory that is sorted by the score each blog has received during the week. 100 unique visitors will generate the same amount of score as 1 unique vote. To get a vote the blog author needs to send the vistor to them through the voting button and then the visitor needs to click on the button to vote for the blog.

Top Blog Area – Searchable blog directory categorized by topic. Add your blog for free. Very web 2.0 orientated if you ask me.

Blogarama – Gain free traffic and exposure by listing your blog through this directory.

Blog Rankings – Free blog directory categorized by topic.

PrBuzz – Another free press release site. Press releases can hit news engines and search engines nationwide.

Blog-Directory – We are dedicated to bringing you everything you need to know about your favorite blogs. Want to find a blog centered around your interests? New to the whole blogging scene altogether? We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Ezine Articles – Write articles covering your blogs topics and submit them to this article directory. They have great page rank and you can list your blog address from your signature.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but if you utilize these sites you will get traffic and links that really benefit your site.

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