Saturday, May 23, 2009

old pictures

Nobody told me how terrible it is to be pregnant. I suffer from morning sickness all the time. I think it should be called “whole day sickness!” How hard to be a mom! We should thank all the mothers all over the world.
I vomit everyday, so I have to reschedule my plan during the vacation. My mother asked me to move to her apartment; therefore she can look after me at anytime. That’s very good for me! My mother has been collecting old pictures in the recent several days. We didn’t have the digital camera 2 decades ago, so my mother has to scan and save the old photo into the computer one by one. I would like to do the interesting job with her. There are thousands of old photos, my grandparents’ wedding pictures, my parents’ pictures when they were dating, my cousins’, and my babyhood photos. It’s very interesting to see that everyone on the picture is quite different from nowadays.
The old picture is just like a story teller telling us the story and makes us remind a lot in the past. We can see something we never knew through the pictures. I will keep all the old pictures and take a lot of pictures in the future. When my baby grows up, I can show him/her those pictures and tell him/her every story in the picture.


  1. That photo is priceless.

  2. It might be cool to take some of those old photos and create custom photo books with them. I did this, I leave the photos books out when I have family over and they get a real kick flipping through the photo books reviewing old photos. If you want a photo book Smilebooks has an awesome coupon out that will save you 30% its pv30 which you will use in the check out process after you have used Smilebooks free photo book software.