Thursday, April 17, 2008

All healed and Getting back on Track

After a few weeks dealing with differing ailments like the pinched nerve in my hip and muscle spasms in my back, I'm ready to get back on track. It amazes me how quickly you can get out of the habit of working out. It's easy to get out of good habits, something totally different to get back into the good habits. So this morning, I allowed myself to sleep in. I have determined that I won't do that again. I need to get back on track and lose the weight faster than I can by watching my diet alone.

Speaking of staying on diet, I have been doing relatively well. I am working to fight the temptations to go overboard and completely blow it. The fact that I am the only one in my house who is concerned with watching my diet; it makes it a little tough. I have to keep a picture of the scale's dial in my mind as motivation. I think that is the most important thing to do when deciding to diet. You must find a way to motivate yourself. Other people can't and won't motivate you. That is a personal thing and that's why you need to find something that will keep you going through all the temptations to slack off. Mine is the picture of the scale. Days when I've reached another milestone, it is a motivation to keep up with the success. Days when I haven't improved, it is a protection against giving in.

But since diet alone will not allow me to reach my goal, I need to motivate myself to exercise. That is a toughie, but I will persevere. And knowing that I have some people reading this blog is a strong motivation to push through. I have to report to you what I am doing and what my results are. So in the morning, I start my routine all over again. I'll let you know how it goes.

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